We believe in giving shoppers the best possible brand experience in-store.

Bold, clear and intelligent, our in-store displays are designed to ensure our clients trust us, and their shoppers buy more. Every year, our retail displays enable millions of shopper conversations and purchases to be made in retail stores, at home and abroad. Our vision is to become the partner of choice for temporary and permanent POS/POP solutions amongst leading retail brands. There are four ways we will achieve this:

Inspired ideas: Providing award-winning concepts that are designed with shopper needs, commercial demands, and their impact on the environment in mind.

Inspired service: Delivering outstanding and personalized service to ensure we become the most trusted and relevant supplier for our clients’ in-store display needs.

Inspired investment: We will continue to increase capacity and invest in fresh talent.

Inspired thinking: We will champion in-store excellence, transform behavior and strive to grow the business in a truly sustainable way.

We do more than just design and make displays. We inspire shoppers. Capturing imaginations, educating, informing and persuading; the displays we create lay the foundations for retail success. And we make them exceptionally well. From rapid prototyping to fast turnaround of complete POS displays, the ability to bring ideas to life is in our own hands.

Our Strength

A POS display has to work hard for its living. Our award-winning approach to designing and building retail displays makes the challenges of modern retail environments a breeze. Our continued investment in state-of-the-art production equipment ensures we deliver this time and time again. Our capabilities include:

A Team of around 150 Highly motivated and Skilled persons, with a proper work pipeline.

The Production Section of the company includes high end machineries and skilled labors. This combination results in impeccable fabrication and flawless finish in the fixtures.

The company is capable of producing Large sized fixtures with all the sturdiness and long term durability.

The Design team has 6 designers who are considerably experienced in creating out of the box retail display concepts, 3D visualization and technical drawings.

Printing and lazer cutting department consists of graphics experts who form base of the visibility of the brands.

The Machinery section is equipped with Next Generation Digital Printing Machines, Laser cutting machines, CNC routers ,Furniture cutting and finishing machines.


VISTA RETAIL has always stood for retail display excellence. Each client project is carefully brought to life by our team of highly skilled workers and precision machinery, together they create the fine balance required between excitement, performance and sustainability to deliver high quality, cost effective ways to engage shoppers with our client’s brand.

Sustainable production

At VISTA RETAIL, our creative thinking and manufacturing technology enables our displays to do more, using less. We are constantly looking at the methods we use to produce our POS displays and how our operations affect the world around us to enable us to make the right, informed choices and secure a more sustainable future.

Quality assured

Every creative idea is carefully scrutinized to ensure it will perform when it matters most. Precision and value engineered, every display passes through numerous quality checks to make sure it is perfect. It’s that attention to detail that we’ve built our name on.


Ingenious, inspired POS

You’re looking at VISTA RETAIL because as an in-store expert you know the importance of shopper engagement. To enjoy the kind of shopper recognition and retail success you believe your brand deserves you’re thinking it might be time for a fresh perspective. Something that’s a little more – shopper, inspired. VISTA RETAIL is anIN-STORE DISPLAY specialist that uses compelling design ideas and state-of-the-art production technology to make clever use of precious retail space. All retail displays produced by VISTA RETAIL embody the principles ‘shopper, inspired’ – thinking like a shopper to get to the heart of solving a brand’s retail challenge.

Intelligent displays, produced intelligently

Every display element is carefully designed, constructed and tested by our team of talented creative and production specialists according to these principles. We’ve got the right tools for improving retail sales performance. The latest shopper inspired creative thinking, state-of-the-art production in-house and expert knowledge. On top of that, we offer the kind of outstanding service and trusted support that your brand, leading retailers and, most importantly, you, need to take things forward.

Design that works

Shopper engagement isn’t just won in the store – it’s also won in the mind. We control our imagination as rigorously as our production technology to remain utterly focused on the job in hand. We can help you engage shoppers more effectively – giving you brand a competitive edge in modern store environments that are bursting with messages trying to be heard.

Precision Engineering

A purchase can be lost long before the in-store campaign starts. That’s always been the key assumption the VISTA RETAIL team makes about retail display. It’s the reason we explore every aspect of a brief in such minute detail. Every new idea offers a path forwards. Retail is constantly evolving: new thinking, emerging technologies and changing shopper behaviour. It’s why we’re always looking to find anything that can be improved upon for the next campaign and the reason we never stop refining what a display should be. The truth is that, at VISTA RETAIL, the process never ends. Everything we do is designed to ensure your POS delivers the impact and performance you expect, every time.

Ideas you can rely on

We know you and your team need to stop, engage and convince shoppers to buy your products. We understand that you also need to respond to retailers’ needs and produce compelling and compliant POS displays – whether that’s on the shelf, on promotional gondola ends or in the aisles. But it’s also about the bottom line. It’s the reason why we ensure all our POS ideas are as cost effective as they are inspiring.

Designed around you

You can use Vista Retail as your sole RETAIL DISPLAY supplier, which is something many of our clients do, or you can simply talk to us about joining your existing roster. Whatever you decide, you’ll receive the same inspiring, high quality POS concepts our existing clients have come to know and love. Not to mention our premium level of service.